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What Happens in Vagus…

by Jun 10, 2019Handouts

…Does NOT Stay in Vagus

The vagus nerve is important to Chiropractors because of its link to the spine. In particular, the nerve’s connection to areas in the upper neck. The health of the spine plays a significant role in directing the health of the vagus nerve. If the spine is altered in its position or ability to move freely, the information to and from the vagus becomes interrupted. A primary test used to check function and efficiency of the vagus nerve is heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is indicative of autonomic vagal nerve activity. The higher the HRV, the better the output and healthier a person becomes. This study evaluated the influence of HRV and chronic disease. The findings were remarkable.

  • Global burden of diseases includes non-communicable conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Cardiovascular disease, cancer, and COPD share three important pathophysiological contributor factors: oxidative stress, inflammation, excessive sympathetic nerve activity.
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the vagal nerve index, could be used to predict onset and prognosis of major global disease burdens.
  • Vagal nerve activity predicts the risk and prognosis in many major chronic diseases.
  • High HRV predicts reduced risk of overall mortality.
  • High HRV significantly predicts longer survival and cancer.
  • HRV is inversely related to insulin resistance and to levels of hemoglobin A1C. (higher HRV led to lower insulin resistance and HA1C levels)
  • High vagal activity predicts reduced risk of global burden of diseases and better prognosis for such conditions.
  • With the escalation of chronic disease, there’s one factor that is epidemiologically related to major causes of death and related to common underlying pathophysiological causes of such disease burdens. It is the vagus nerve hypothesis for global public health, reflecting a neuro-immunological paradigm.
  • The authors of this study recommend routine measurements of HRV to predict such chronic disease in populations. And to also test the effectiveness of noninvasive vagal nerve activation on prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

This research evaluated the effects of HRV on human health and chronic disease. Higher vagal nerve activity predicts reduced risks of major chronic disease and lowered inflammation. Chiropractic adjustments play an important role in reducing chronic disease burden through vagal nerve function, indicated through HRV readings. New research from 2018 shows that a chiropractic adjustment improves HRV, demonstrating a change in the vagus nerve (see research reference below). According to the findings in this study, improvement in vagus nerve activity plays a significant role in regulating autonomic nervous system function, lowering chronic disease risk, and aiding in lowered rates of mortality. For these reasons and many more, everyone deserves to understand and experience the benefits of regular chiropractic care.


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