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Not all Heroes Wear Uniforms

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Uncle Tommy--My Hero

Uncle Tommy–My Hero

Not all heroes wear uniforms and carry guns, although many do.  The man in this picture is one of my heroes.  This is my Uncle Tommy.  Really he’s my  great-uncle (my dad’s uncle).  I recently had the opportunity to help him celebrate his 90th birthday.  But he’s not my hero because he’s lived to be 90, although the Bible does say that even if a man lives to be 80, it is by reason of strength. I would therefore say that he is a man of extraordinary strength.

He is my hero because of his character and what he has done for me and my family.  When my great -uncle was 15 years old, his life dramatically changed.  On the same day, his father and his older brother (my grandfather) were killed in a logging accident.  That made Uncle Tommy the man of the house at the age of 15, with the responsibility of taking care of his mother, his younger brother, my grandmother, and my dad who was less than one year old.  He accepted this responsibility, quit his schooling, and went to work. He continued to work for the next 60 years in sawmills, but he never stopped learning.  Though his formal education was cut short, he continued to learn and to become better and to become more valuable to his employer.

Then in 1992, when it came time for me to start Clark Chiropractic and Wellness, and no banks would lend me money to start my practice, I went to Uncle Tommy who had worked hard all his life and saved his money.  He cosigned for me to get a loan to start my practice.

So, you can see why he is my hero.  He not only took care of my grandmother and dad in their time of need, but he also helped me.  So, God bless you, Uncle Tommy.  And to the other heroes out there, thank you for all you do and who you are.  I would also like to add that recently Uncle Tommy has also become now my brother in Christ, as he placed his faith in Christ and became a born again Christian a few years ago.  I praise God for His great mercy and for allowing Uncle Tommy to be in my family.

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