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Knee Pain

Knee Pain and Laser Therapy


  1. Patients undergoing laser therapy show significant decreases in pain intensity at rest and with movement and improved knee function and ability to walk when compared to a placebo group.[1]
  2. Patients treated with laser therapy showed significant improvements in pain, range of motion, functionality and movement when compared to placebo.[2]
  3. Low level laser therapy reduces pain in knee osteoarthritis and improves microcirculation[3]
  4. “Significant improvement in pain relief and quality of life in 70% of patients.”[4]
  5. 82% reported significant removal of pain and recovery of joint mobility. Cold laser therapy is concluded to be a safe, effective and non-invasive alternative to conventional surgical and medical treatment modalities for patients.”[5]
  6. Cold laser therapy has the capacity to regenerate tissues, including cartilage.[6]
  7. Laser therapy “promoted restoration of function, relieved pain and limited complications of rheumatoid arthritis” when compared to NSAIDS and placebo.[7]
  8. “Cold laser therapy is effective in relieving pain and disability in degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee.”[8]
  9. “The unequivocal scientific findings so far, has earned cold laser therapy a top spot in levels of evidence and treatment recommendations for knee osteoarthritis[9]
  10. Laser therapy is safe.

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