Headaches, unfortunately, are a common problem in America. According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, 45-million Americans are victims of Chronic Headaches, with 20-million of those being women. And according to the 2001 National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey, more than 9-million people in the United States alone visit the doctor for a headache. One would imagine this isn’t just a mild passing headache that sends these people to the doctor’s office.


The list of the “Causes of Headaches” is very long. In this context, we will discuss headaches that are not caused by serious medical conditions.

Some of the MOST COMMON, but LEAST RECOGNIZED, causes of headaches are the following:

– DYSAUTONOMIA                                                     – ANEMIA

– FOOD ALLERGIES                                                      – CHEMICAL TOXICITY

– NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES                                         – THYROID ISSUES

– HORMONE IMBALANCES                                        – VITAMIN OR MINERAL TOXICITY



Let us discuss only a few conditions in more detail.

One of the most common causes of headaches results from changed in blood flow as a result of over-active sympathetic function leading to blood vessel restriction and less blood flow to the brain. Stress will also drive the sympathetics and lead to the same problem. The neurologic components must be determined and corrected to ULTIMATELY fix the underlying problem. A complete neurologic examination is imperative when dealing with headaches. Metabolic Function must be thoroughly assessed well. Many people suffer from food allergies/ intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, and even toxicity. An individual can be reactive to any food product; however, the MOST COMMON foods that are reactive include:

– WHEAT (GLUTEN)                                                                – SOY

– DAIRY (CASEIN)                                                                    – CORN

EXCESS SUGAR and CAFFEINE is also a major issue with headaches and may need to be reduced or eliminated completely to alleviate the debilitating effects of headaches. A comprehensive blood analysis should be ordered to assess all bodily function.

Lastly, all patients suffering from headaches should be assessed from a MUSCULOSKELETAL standpoint. The following areas can cause headaches:

– MISALIGNMENT OF THE VERTEBRAL SEGMENTS OF THE SPINE (especially upper cervical vertebrae)

– MUSCULAR IMBALANCES (Strains, spasms, adhesions)


If you currently suffer from “Chronic Headaches”, it is IMPERATIVE you find the root cause of your problem. Headaches can result from a vast majority of health issues ranging from stress and muscular tension ALL THE WAY to a space occupying lesion like a brain tumor. Unfortunately, many Americans suffering form Chronic Headaches have been blindly taught to MASK THEIR HEADACHES WITH OVER THE COUNTER & EVEN PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS. It should be VERY CLEAR that this approach DOES NOT FIX YOUR UNDERLYING PROBLEM, but instead simply numbs the pain sensations from reaching conscious awareness in the brain. The problem with this method is that MOST PEOPLE take these medications to get through the day, which could result in MORE DAMAGE to the affected area.

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REMEMBER: Pain is a SIGN FROM THE BODY that YOU HAVE A PROBLEM and should AVOID doing certain activities for protective purposes.

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Some of these drugs are highly addictive. There are 500% more people addicted to prescription drugs than illegal drugs.  If you or a loved one is SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC HEADACHES, contact our office TODAY to schedule a COMPLETE EXAMINATION and ANALYSIS to determine the UNDERLYING CAUSE(S) of your problem.

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