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Benefits of Chiropractic for Babies

by Jun 24, 2019Handouts

Feeding Problems, Sleep Issues, Excessive Crying, Infant Pain, and Neck Restrictions Improved with Chiropractic Care

The benefits of Chiropractic care continue to be evaluated and reported through new studies and research. Not only for pain relief but for a variety of health benefits, and for a multitude of ages. This study addressed a timely conversation involving infants and chiropractic. The benefits and risks of chiropractic need to remain at the forefront of this topic. This study demonstrates such benefits and contributes to the body of clinical results and scientific knowledge justifying the need for infants and children to have access to chiropractic.

  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the report by mothers of their infantss condition before and after a trial of care provided by registered chiropractic clinicians according to ratings of satisfaction, cost of care, and reports of any adverse events or side effects.
  • Participating registered chiropractors were recruited through the Royal College of Chiropractors annual meeting in January 2016, and 15 clinics and the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic University College teaching clinic volunteered to participate.
  • In all, 2001 mothers completed intake questionnaires and 1092 completed follow-up forms.
  • Statistically significant improvements were reported across all aspects of infant behavior studied.
  • Areas of improvement included feeding problems, sleep issues, excessive crying, problems with supine sleep position, infant pain, restricted cervical range of motion, and time performing prone positioning.
  • Maternal ratings of depression, anxiety, and satisfaction with motherhood also demonstrated statistically significant improvement
  • In total, 82% reported definite improvement of their infants on a global impression of change scale.
  • 95% reported feeling that the care was cost-effective, and 90.9% rated their satisfaction 8 or higher on an 11-point scale.
  • Minor self-limiting side effects were reported but no adverse events.

Chiropractic addresses the underlying cause of specific functional problems related to the spine. Many people still assume that chiropractic care is only for adults. But that is simply not true. Since chiropractic is all about the spine and nervous system, children and infants can be helped similar to that of adults. In this study, mothers reported that chiropractic care for their infants was effective, safe, and cost-effective. The findings indicate that, on average, the changes observed by mothers were positive and may be relevant. Chiropractic care is about maximizing central nervous system function by improving the alignment and movement of the spine. And for this reason, it should not be limited to adults with back pain.



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