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Transformations 360® Weight Loss Program

Transformations-Logo-360-2b_0Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

Finally shed those unwanted pounds, using a science based program!

Do you often feel that you are, truly, a professional dieter?  You have tried them all: the all grapefruit diet, Slim Fast®, Cabbage Soup diet, South Beach diet®, or maybe even the diet pills (even with all the horrible side-effects)!!

Maybe you have even done Weight Watchers®, the Atkins diet®, Jenny Craig®, or MediFast® with some results; but those results did not last.  You stopped eating or drinking what was part of the “program’’, and within a few weeks you put back on the weight you had lost and possibly even more!!!!

Many different sources indicate that at any given time over 50% of Americans are on a diet.  It is estimated that in 2006 the dieting industry earned over $55 BILLION. That included diet centers and programs; group and individual weight-loss diet camps; pre-packaged foods; over-the-counter and prescription diet drugs; weight-loss books and magazines; physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and other health professionals specializing in weight-loss; commercial and residential exercise clubs with weight-loss programs; sugar-free, fat-free, reduced calorie (“lite”) food products; imitation fats; and sugar substitutes.

Have you ever thought that being overweight or unable to lose the weight you want to lose is just who you are, that you are destined to be overweight? Or have you assumed that it is just your SLOW metabolism. Maybe it is in your ‘genes’.  Well, there may be some truth to those thoughts, but it does not have to continue to keep you from reaching the goals you have to reach a healthy weight.

Let me introduce to you our Transformations 360® Program.  This program will educate, energize, and empower you to make lifestyle and food habit changes that will allow you to be in control of your health and weight throughout your life.

Today we are at the pinnacle of human development, with respect to modern food manufacturing processes, yet we have utterly failed to improve the health of people in America.  Our ancestors ate primarily vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and meat and a wide variety of it.  This was a diet high in fats and protein, but low in grain and sugar-derived carbohydrates.  The average person’s diet today is the complete opposite, and their health is a testament of what happens when you adhere to a faulty diet.  We see more and more patients who are suffering from chronic and debilitating diseases than ever before.

There can be little doubt that our food choices play a major role in this development.  We were not designed to eat large amounts of refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cereal, bread, potatoes, genetically modified food or pasteurized milk products.  The fact is, if we are to live a healthy life, we must eat the foods nature has provided us and that is what the Transformations 360® program will help you to achieve.

The first step is to take a WICO Score® Test to determine your wellness index.  The WICO score® is made up of 15 functional health conditions, based on an individual’s symptoms.  This score is taken before beginning the program and then a second time in week 4-5 of the program.  This is used to determine how correct dietary habits and fat loss have improved your score.  The change between these two scores can be evaluated to pinpoint the likelihood of food intolerances/sensitivities, chronic conditions, nutritional deficiencies and the root cause of symptoms.

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What results have our patients who have completed the program seen?

  • Significant increase in energy
  • Substantial loss of inches throughout the body
  • Loss of 15-20 lbs. within 5 weeks
  • Loss of fat not muscle mass

Come to one of our Free Workshops! January 14th at 6:00 PM is our next one at 23464 FM 1314 in Porter, TX.  Register here or call 281-354-8330 for more information.

What are our patients saying about Transformations 360®?

Transformations 360 Testimonial


“At the end of 7 weeks I’m down 26 lbs and 22″!”  –Cindy

“At the end of week 13 I have lost 24.4 lbs and 24 inches. Love being able to get into some of my favorite clothes!  Someone I had not seen in 3 months said, “you look fabulous!” What an encouragement to hear this unsolicited from someone who did not know I had been trying to lose weight.”  –Debbie

“At the end of week 10, I am down 27 total pounds!” –Christy

“I lost 7 lbs and 5.25 inches in 2 weeks! Yay!” –Salwa